About LongWay

LONGWAY(LW) is a high technology enterprise specialized in developing and producing advanced personal transportation products and solutions. LW Electric Scooter, LW Road bicycle, LW CARGO all designed and produced by LW team. We are focus on high technology and keep up with the latest market trend. Our products have the following advantages: novelty in style, refined in structures, high in quality, safe in riding. With our mission: less traffic jam less pollution for better future.

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A high-tech brand dedicated to the development and production of personal
transportation and means of transportation.
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    Electric Scooter

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    Electric Bike

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LONGWAY (LW) is a high-tech

Electric Scooter Manufacturer, supplier and factory in China

dedicated to the development and production of advanced personal transportation and means of transportation especially foldable Electric Scooters. We focus on high technology and keep up with the latest market trends to provide Electric Scooter, electric motorbike, Electric Cargo bike with the following advantages: innovative style, refined structure, high quality and safe riding.
  • Certified to high quality standards
  • Continuous development and innovation
  • Longway has long and deep experience
  • We work with high quality standards
  • Convenient and fast transportation

marketing network

Products are exported to North America, Russia, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and
other countries and regions.

LW's Design Philosophy

We have a strong team of designers, led by the chief designer Amir Zaid from Israel, constantly colliding and integrating advanced concepts of Chinese and foreign design, coupled with pragmatic production and processing, and constantly introducing new styles to meet the needs of the fashion market.

We have been good brand choice for numerous partners, look forward to your join.