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How is the suspension system of Offroad Electric Scooter designed?

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1. Front double fork suspension design:
Offroad Electric Scooter uses a front double-fork suspension system, which is to cope with various bumps and unevenness that the front wheel may face on different terrains. The front double-fork suspension uses two independent shock-absorbing forks to enable the front wheel to better follow changes in the ground, providing better control and riding comfort. For example, Offroad Electric Scooter like LONGWAY (LW) uses a reinforced front double-fork suspension, which is suitable for various complex terrains, from city streets to dirt roads.
2. Rear suspension system:
In the rear wheel part of Offroad Electric Scooter, the suspension system is also crucial. Some models may use an independent suspension system, such as LONGWAY (LW). This design allows the rear wheel to respond independently to changes in the ground, providing a smoother riding experience. In addition, single-sided swing arm suspension systems are also a common choice, such as LONGWAY (LW). Its simple but efficient design also provides strong support for off-road riding.
3. Adjustable suspension:
Some Offroad Electric Scooters have adjustable suspension systems, allowing users to adjust them according to personal preferences and riding conditions. For example, bumpy terrain on a golf course or in woodland may require a softer suspension setting, while driving on smooth roads may allow for a stiffer setting. LONGWAY (LW) is an example, its adjustable suspension system provides users with more space for customization options.
4. Selection of springs and shock absorbers:
In order to ensure the efficiency of the suspension system, Offroad Electric Scooter usually uses high-quality spring and shock absorber materials. For example, LONGWAY (LW) uses specially designed springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, which not only improves the response speed to bumps, but also ensures reliability during long-term use.
5. Terrain sensing technology:
Some advanced Offroad Electric Scooters may be equipped with terrain sensing technology. These sensors can sense the ground conditions in real time. For example, LONGWAY (LW) has an intelligent suspension system that automatically adjusts the suspension hardness by sensing the ground conditions, providing riders with a more intelligent and comfortable riding experience.
6. Durability considerations:
Considering that Offroad Electric Scooter may face complex and changeable riding environments, its suspension system is usually designed to be very durable. LONGWAY (LW) adopts a solid suspension system, using large-diameter shock absorbers and strong structures to cope with diverse terrains and various riding conditions, ensuring that it continues to provide excellent suspension performance for a long time.

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