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How to ride an electric scooter

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Relax your upper body and put your weight on your back foot
Aside from traditional sitting and standing riding, standing riding is becoming more and more fashionable. But standing riding has more precautions, the key point of which is to "relax the upper body". Put the weight of stepping on the back foot, and lean the whole body backward, because as long as the upper body is tense, the hands will be clenched, and the tighter the hands are grasped, the muscles of the jaw, shoulders, and back will also be stiff and tense. It is a natural coherent response of the human body, but such an action will make your riding more digestible, more strenuous, and more insecure.

Lightly clasp the handlebar with both hands, the most relaxed and labor-saving posture
The key to the relaxed and labor-saving grip posture is that the hands are gently "buckled" on the handlebars instead of holding them tightly. It's like practicing Tai Chi. Imagine holding a bird in your hand. If you hold it too tightly, the bird will suffocate. If you hold it too loose, the bird will fly away. The same is true for riding an electric scooter handle, too loose or too tight is not the right way to apply force.
When standing and cycling, the feet are misaligned and the body is more loose