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How long is the battery life of an electric motorcycle? How long does it take to replace it?

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The 60V battery I am using now is also replaced by a trade-in. After conversion, the overall price for a 60V battery is about 600 to 700 yuan. Electric vehicles are not durable and do not necessarily need to replace the battery, there are many possibilities. If it is time to replace the battery, be careful not to replace it with a refurbished battery. The number of charge and discharge cycles of the acid battery is about 350 times, that is, the number of times to recharge the battery is 350 times, but it is impossible to completely use up the discharge process in the actual use process. The chemical reaction between the ingredients and the positive and negative active materials generates current, but during the discharge process, the concentration of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte will be reduced, and a new compound "lead sulfate" will be generated at the same time. The current battery is afraid to say more, and it is conservatively estimated that it can use 1.5 -2 years, but it does not mean that the battery has been completely scrapped, but the mileage may have dropped by more than half, which affects the use and needs to be replaced.

The battery capacity is getting lower and lower every day, and it will not work at all in the end. If you wait until a year later to add the replenishment fluid, the plates inside will dry out a bit. 2. The battery power should not be too low. It is recommended that it should not be lower than 30%. The battery is a little hot. The battery cannot be charged for a long time: in summer, when the battery is dead, it should not exceed 10 hours, and in winter, it should not exceed 12 hours.
If there is electricity, the charging time should be shortened accordingly. If you can develop a good habit of charging as you go, so that the battery is always fully charged, it will not be a problem for the battery to last for five or six years, but be careful not to overcharge. Charge for one hour every five kilometers. E-bikes generally use lead-acid batteries. The life of lead-acid batteries is 400 charge-discharge cycles. The specific years of use depend on your charge and discharge every few days. For example, it takes about a year to fully charge and use up every day. , If once a week is about 7 years, it will be fully charged and the power will be cut off.