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Retro Inspired E-trike Revolution Features instant Torque Motor and full Front suspension

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Founder of Studio Lata, André Fangueiro has redefined the rules of innovation and urban mobility, by redesigning an electric trike with a retro-inspired concept and technology.

It seems to Fangueiro that most electric vehicles these days focus on technology rather than on the actual purpose of the styling of an object. The focus of this quick concept is to concentrate and transform the mobility design queues into actual attributes needed to ride a vehicle, for example: skill, danger, concentration, noise, speed, and freedom.

These are the daily emotions that you feel going town blasting at full speed navigating through traffic. The styling of the shapes concentrates on speed handling and fun, for that reason, the designer has looked into old classic car racers for proportions and design cues that make this object look RAW and COOL. The result is E-Trike Revolution.

When designing the E-Trike I wanted to ensure that design is confident a minimalistic without being boring. We designed the shapes to be appealing to all genders but at the same time special, as we wanted to challenge ourselves. We envision our users to be early adopters and globetrotters that have the passion to discover new and special things. They like to explore and get the best out of their lifestyle.

The key when designing E-Trike Revolution was to communicate the max with the minimal shapes as possible achieving an outlook full of personality. Although this is just a concept study, this could be easily transformed into a production-ready vehicle and André Fangueiro would be willing to drive this from concept into reality.

In a nutshell, E-Trike Revolution is the first electric trike concept for the 21st century. Making a vision a reality, this concept would be fully electric and using sustainable materials. The E-Trike Revolution is a pioneer with the goal to revolutionize the electric market and use newest cutting-edge electrical technology in the market. It is designed to enhance a direct drive, with its instant torque motor and full front suspension.